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[Compared to the the violin], “there is no instrument from which one obtains a more varied and universal expression.”  – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Music can change the world, because it can change the people. – Bono

Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart. – Shinichi Suzuki

If you think music is about being “perfect” and want a strict violin teacher to scold and shame your “mistakes” then you should leave this page now…

But if you want to start a journey of music making that will celebrate the diversity and creativity of the human family, get joy out of moving at your own pace to master a skill you never thought possible, and have a patient guide who will laugh with you and encourage progress you don’t even realize you are making – I would be thrilled to be your teacher.

I am a violin/fiddle teacher in the Los Angeles area with many years of performing and teaching within a wide variety of musical styles, and live to see other people discover how much joy and freedom music making can bring. I have worked with young children ages 4 and up,  as well as school-aged children, college or grad students trying to discover something new or recapture their love of music, adults, and retirees  (it’s never too late to start!)

I believe everyone has a unique musical voice within them aching to get out – and my goal is to help you discover what that voice is.



– Michael Fox

Foxieviolin@gmail.com for more information

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  1. Hi fellow Wheatie! Thanks for the follow and I love your “Welcome” page. Blessings to you!

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