Improvising Sacred Music



Do you play an orchestral instrument, and want to contribute to your worshiping community, but aren’t sure how? Have you tried to play in a worship service and been unsure how to read chord charts, or improvise without sheet music? Have you struggled with knowing how to best nurture a worshipful space?


I am a professional musician and violin teacher who has played for a wide variety of Christian communities and worship services, encompassing a great deal of worship styles and ethnic traditions.

As a musician, I have played violin for both an African-American gospel choir led service in English, and a worship band playing Spanish worship songs in Latin American music styles. I have also had a lot of experience playing in chapels for Fuller Seminary and Evangelical churches that play contemporary worship music. (Hillsong, Vineyard, Chris Tomlin, etc.) I have personally had to grapple with how to reconcile my classical training with the improvisation and quick thinking required to play in “contemporary” and multi-ethnic music. I have found playing music to be a very moving way to pray and connect with God, while also contributing to the church community as a whole, so I can help lead everyone to worship God together.

I offer special lessons to classically trained players of any instrument wanting to contribute to their congregation’s worship services. If you’re interested, please visit ‎ and tell me about yourself, mentioning your interest in my Improvising Sacred Music program.

me w:worship band

worshiping with the Fuller community for a special graduation event, 2012.

celebrating with the St. Agatha Catholic Church Gospel Choir, 2013


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