An Claidheamh Soluis/The Celtic Arts Center – 11110 Victory Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA

Every Monday nights, this group sponsors a very fun and welcoming Celtic jam session, following their Irish step dancing class at 8pm.  An excellent way to make friends and learn more about Celtic fiddling styles and tunes. 

Old Time is A Good Time 

A website maintained by a group of Los Angeles enthusiasts of traditional Appalachian “old time” music.  Puts on several monthly jam sessions that are fantastic opportunities to learn new songs by ear and rote. 

One of the best ways to progress further in your playing is by listening!  This very extensive calendar can tell you all about places where different styles of folk and ethnic music are being performed in the L.A. and Southern California area, giving you many opportunities to hear a wide variety of styles of fiddle and violin playing.  

Classical Music Events in Southern California 

Maintained by the radio station KUSC, an extensive list of opportunities to hear classical music performed in your area. Offers a really helpful searchable database, so you can narrow it down to events close to home.  

Meow Meowz Rock Shop – 2423 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA  (626)798-6969

A large part of being an effective music performer is cultivating a powerful, distinct presence – and a thoughtful, creative wardrobe can be a helpful part of that process.  This little but awesome store offers a wide variety of vintage and punk shoes, clothing, and other items sure to get your creative juices flowing.

A wonderful violin community that will allow you to benefit from experts and enthusiasts from a wide variety of backgrounds and places. Regularly publishes blogs by experienced performers and teachers, and features an extensive and lively discussion board where you can crowd-source questions or issues you may have about your playing. 

The Violin Guild Facebook Group 

A large and enthusiastic online gathering of violin makers, teachers, and performers,  ranging from enthusiastic newbies to seasoned professionals. A wonderful way to make friends and get questions answered, as well as discover new techniques, performers, and songs.  

The Creative Strings Podcast with Christian Howes

Christian Howes is a tireless performer, educator, and advocate for creative string playing, and this podcast gives you a sample of his energy, creativity, compassion, and wisdom. He offers deeply insightful interviews with a wide variety of people from the violin world, that performers of all genres should find deeply illuminating. 

The Violin Geek Podcast with Laurel Thompson 

Laurel Thompson is a wonderful, genre-bending educator and performer, and has dedicated her podcast to sharing her experience as a violinist.  She offers down-to-earth insights into a variety of  issues that can improve and inspire your playing – everything from improvising the blues, to memorization, to conquering stage fright.