Physical Wellness

Advanced Therapy – 3250 Wilshire Blvd (Suite 1505), Los Angeles  213.384.2330

Playing the violin can sometimes stretch the body to its upper limits, causing strains if you are not careful.  Sometimes pain will arise that makes continued practice very difficult. When that happens, I can not recommend a visit to Dr. Lyn Taylor enough.  When I had to stop playing for a week after a car accident made my neck hurt unbearably, he was able to fix everything so that I never felt better. 

The Grossman Method

… Of course, even better is playing in such a way that you don’t injure yourself to begin with. Hal Grossman makes use of his extensive training as both a violin teacher and a yoga instructor, blending the two disciplines to help you play in a way that moves with, rather then against the body.

Everybody Gym   1845 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles    323.352.8618

Getting and staying in good physical condition is a really important part of learning how to play well. Everybody is a safe, nonjudgmental, and very helpful space in helping you get in touch with and accept your physicality, in a way that can help both expand your abilities and boost your confidence in performing.  I’ve taken both yoga and dance classes, and have built up a lot of skills that easily cross over into music making.